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I used to spend hours trawling through websites, links and forums until I discovered a good content site that stayed on focus like a laser. As far as Pen Spinning goes – PenTricks is just that site, a one-stop shop – for quick and easy resources and high-quality yet simple tutorials, a wealth on contributions.

This is PenTricks, a site dedicated to expanding the practice of Pen Spinning (AKA Pen Tricks, contact juggling and “pen mawashi””) by hosting free tutorials and How To’s for anyone and everyone.

See Pen Spinning Tutorials for guides on different pen tricks, and News for recent events and Collaborative Demo’s.

It was known only as “those cool things bored students do with their pens”, and then it happened; Pen Spinning started to become a worldwide craze. This was in early 2006, and only 8 months later it invaded many countries around the world, considerably expanding in popularity until today and into the future. To get in on this and develop your own skills we have provided a series of text tutorials and video tutorials as well as general information and current news on Pen Spinning.

This site is constantly being updated and improved for your benefit, to help the process please submit any information and feedback you think is useful.

For your viewing pleasure – The Clip that started it all for me:

For Getting started all you need is a Pen, even a pencil. Generally long and of substantial weight. My recommendation is the The RSVP pen, which is good without being modded but can be made into an RSVP MX, which is widely considered the best pen spinning mod ever created.

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