History of Pen Spinning

There is a very little amount of information on the origins of pen spinning. The earliest record of pen spinning comes from a student in pre-World War II in Japan (Asahi Shimbun January 31, 2008, 37th page). While some in Asian countries did pen spinning in the 1990s, these were [what are now considered to be] basic tricks such as the Thumbaround, thumbspin and the Finger Pass. Pen Spinning has evolved massively since then, it has emerged all over the globe not only as a hobby: but as a lifestyle. Today, there are more variations and types of tricks, for example the Shadow, the Bak, the Twisted Sonic Bust or the Sonic.

The number of pen spinning websites and forums have increased since 2006, opening up more regional boards from France, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This increase of popularity and wild-fire like intercontinental spreading has led to the formation of Tournaments, which are organised on the Internet and also consist of live tournaments which are held in Japan and Korea. Such tournaments also exist on a global scale. For example, The Pen Spinning World Cup.

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