Ballsign Mod

Simply put, making a Ballsign Mod is just double-capping a Sakura Ballsign or Gellyroll and adding Super Grip and Dr. Grip grips. It’s a personal favourite, and created by Bonkura. And if you decide to mod it, don’t be scared by how short it is. It’s about 16.5 Cm, wich I must admit is very short, but you get used to it. You need 2 Ballsign (or Gellyroll or w/e it’s called where you live…) pens, since the mod requires a cap on both sides.

Pen Facts:
Length: 17.5
Weight: Very light (lighter than com.ssa)
CoG: near CoP

Parts Needed:

  • Ballsign body
  • 2 Ballsign caps

How to make:
1) Remove the refill
2) Remove the clips that are sticking out from the pen caps
3) Remove the back plug
4) Put in whatever insert you feel like
5) Recap on both sides
6) Add about 1.7 Cm Super Grip grip and let half of it extend past the caps (The Dr. Grip grip will slip of if you don’t have this), then add a bit more than 0.5 Cm Dr. Grip grip over the Super Grip grip sticking out.

Voila! You’ve made yourself a Ballsign

Finnished Product:
Ballsign  mod

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