Dr. KT

This pen was first created by Ryo and became popular because he spun it in Japanese TV. It’s very heavy and gives loads of momentum, but a lot of people don’t like it because it’s too easy to spin with.

Pen Facts:

Length: 20 cm
Weight: Very heavy.
CoG: At the CoP

Parts Needed:

  • KeyTo Signpen Body + 2 of the big Caps
  • 2 Dr. Grip Mechanical Pencil tips
  • 3 Sailor Gel Grips (1 red, 1 blue and 1 gray)

KeyTo Signpen


1) Take of the caps and remove the “tips” on both sides.
KeyTo remove tip
2) Remove the Back Plug (it’s stuck quite good, so pull hard) and poke out both ink tubes through the back of the pen. Flush some water through the body.

KeyTo Remove Backplug
3) Put a big Cap on both sides.
4) Cut the Sailor Gel grip with a sharp knife. The red and blue grips should be cut in sections of 8, 3 and 2, while the gray grip should be cut in 4 pieces of 2 sections each, wich leaves you with some grip left over.

Sailor Gel Grip
5) Pull the Sailor Gel grips (First 3 colored, then 2 gray, 2 colored, 2 gray and lastly 8 colored) over the caps and leave about 3-4 sections sticking out, you need to push/pull very hard.
6) Push the Dr. Grip tips into the piece of grip sticking out. Like the grips, it’s quite hard to get them in place, and once there they should be stuck there quite firmly. It should look something like this:

Dr. KT Cap/tip

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