Hybrid HGG²

This mod is called Hybrid HGG² because it uses a HGG and a G2. The 2 Gs make it G² and the rest is self explainatry. This mod uses the cap on feature of pens to allow it to retain its ability to write. Another personal favourite, it has a good length, isn’t too heavy/light and is definitely something you should try out.

Pen Facts:

Length: 18.5 cm
Weight: Com.ssa < HGG² < RSVP MX
CoG: In the range of 1cm of CoP
Main pens: HGG, G2

Parts Needed:

user posted image

1: G2 tip part. Measure 4.3cm from the tip and cut.

user posted image

2: HGG barrel. Cut at the part just after the buldge near the screw threads. (Theres sort of a slight marking already)

3: G2 barrel. Measure 5.8 cm from the back of the barrel (after you have taken the clicker part out) and cut.

4: G2 refill. Poke a hole large enough for the tip of the ink to fit through in the back cap of the refill (Black part in the picture). This refill portion is 4.2 cm long.

5: G2 refill. This portion is 1.8 cm long.

6: The back part of a Pilot SuperGel.

7: Any ink tube (RSVP).

8: HGG grip.

9: A portion of the G2 grip.

10: Wooden barbeque stick.


user posted image

1) Fit the parts together as shown in the picture. Tip: You might want to give the grooves on the HGG barrel (Where the original grip used to be) a little shave so it is easy for you to slip on the G2 barrel.
2) Wrap some tape on the G2 refill portion to thicken it (The portion near the tip).
3) Do the same for the other G2 refill prtion (Part 5).
4) Place part 5 at the back part of the G2 barrel to cover the hole.
5) Slide the HGG grip onto the G2 tip portion (Part 1).
6) Fit everything together to get the finished Mod.

Finished Product:

user posted image

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