RSVP MX – Voted Best Overall Mod

The RSVP MX is probably the most famous spinning pen. This mod is invented by Kam. Before he created the MX he had already made two other RSVP mods, RSVP v1 and RSVP v2, so the MX is considered number three in his RSVP “family”. Even if the MX maybe isn’t the best spinning pen, it’s a “most have pen” for a real penspinner.

Pen facts:

Lenght: ~19 cm
Weight: 12 g
CoG: ~2 cm nearer the back from CoP.

Parts needed:

1 Hgg grip
1 Hgg tip

MX parts


1) Take of the back cap of the RSVP, drill a small hole trough it and insert the inktube in it.


2) Take of the cap and grip from the RSVP

3) If you have an insert, push it into the barrel then screw the back part with the inktube back to place

Back part

4) Take the RSVP cap and break of the clip, then push the grip in to the cap.

Back cap

5) Push the cap with the grip in on the back of the RSVP

Almost finished

6) Now, glue the Hgg tip on to the plastic tip on the RSVP. Some people use a little bit of tape on the plastic tip and then screw the Hgg tip on, but I think that method is a bit instable.

7) Last part is to put the Hgg grip on the front of the RSVP and voilá you have a RSVP MX! =)


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